Friday, June 1, 2012

Mean kids...eventually mean adults. Or imprisoned adults, time will tell

Yesterday after picking up the kids from their after school program, I managed to convince them they still had to go to soccer practice, so after some poking, I got them out the door.

Now for a little background: This is the kids' 3rd season playing soccer for the same team. They've done very well and I sincerely hope they stick with it for a while. This season, however, there's a new kid on the team...the same kid who happens to spend most of his free time bullying all the kids at school. 


Almost immediately there was drama. Practices are particularly challenging with the kids taking shots at each other by way of name calling, kicking, and some seriously dirty looks. Prison-rules soccer. 

My boys are on the sensitive end of the scale and haven't been dealing that well with it. I've been telling them to ignore this kid, but it's turned into a pain in the ass. 

So back to yesterday...the kids had gone over to the field for practice and I was just sitting. Something I don't get to do all that much without the sound of "mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom " in my ear, so I was enjoying it. About half hour into practice I got a call from an old friend. We were talking about the kids and all their shenanigans when Clifford bursts through the door in tears.

"It's HIM again...he won't stooooppppppp!!!"

Alexander followed shortly thereafter and they both were beside themselves. 

"Okay, gotta go handle a bully..see ya later, bye"

I got the kids calmed down a bit and we all walked over to the soccer field. Of course the bully is just going about his day like nothing happened and he didn't send two kids running from the field crying. I'm sure he was enjoying every moment.

And the worst part is, the kid's mom was there the whole time. Seriously? Manage your bully. And keep him away from my kids. 

I gave him some appropriate "you're a twit" dirty looks, but they seemed lost on him. of course. 

Today's 4th grade bully, tomorrow's 'guy everyone hates at the office' guy. He's got it coming. 
Keep your Powerpoint presentations away from him. 

I made it clear that this kid just wants to get a rise out of the boys and they should tell him to stuff it the next time he says something to either of them, which I know will be before long. 

So irritating. To be continued.

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