Friday, June 15, 2012

Quality time with the kid

Clifford and I needed to spend some time together so I thought hey, this is the perfect time to take a mother/son field trip to the dentist.

Poor little guy....not the best about flossing, so he ended up with two cavities that required filling. So I pulled him out of school and off we went to the dentist.

Naturally, he was very concerned that he was being marched to his death, but after a great deal of " doesn't hurt at alllll" from me, he settled down. Not believing a word I was saying.

Thank goodness for dentists who are fabulous with scared-ass kids, because he was feeling much better by the time we got to this point.....

Can I get some of that?

He was a total trooper and was feeling so great with all that vanilla scented gas that he barely moved the whole time. I checked to be sure he was still breathing and demanded regular thumbs ups from him. It was all good. He didn't die on the table like he thought he would.

After all was said and done he was pumped full of pure oxygen to sober him up, so I don't have any "wasted kid" videos to share on YouTube. Maybe next time. I was disappointed.

As we were leaving the office, Clifford made it clear that he was hungry and since we were told there weren't any "you can't eat for 57 hours" rules, we took off for Chick-fil-a.
Mmmmmmmm chicken and picklessssssss.

We sat outside so we could watch all the planes fly overhead on their way to Dulles Airport. We ooo'd and aaaah'd when the international flights came around. He could of course rattle off the names of the planes like he was working for Boeing. I was just like "hey, there's a big one".
Lame mom. I need to study up apparently.

While we were headed home, I realized that I had been wayyy too busy lately when Clifford says from the back seat "mom, I had a good time today". It was a humbling moment.

Clifford, next time I promise you don't have to have two cavities filled for us to watch the planes fly overhead.

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