Thursday, June 21, 2012

Send me a smoke signal next time

Elementary schools have it bad these days. Funding is being cut, programs are disappearing, times are generally tough. I have the utmost respect for all who take on a career in the school system, it's a downright battle!

But it begs the question.....why are there reams of paper being sent home just to tell me that the kids have a class picnic or basketball camp is available over the summer?

Every week the kids get flooded with flyers. An information delivery system that is, in my opinion, completely overwhelming. I can't keep up with all the communication. And mostly because it comes in a form that is too easily left crumbled at the bottom of a 4th grader's locker with a 3 week old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (He told me he ate it).

One such flyer actually made it home on time. One telling me that the 4th grade orchestra was playing the opening of the 5th grade graduation ceremony. So with both of the boys participating, I thought I was at the top of my "I've got it covered" game with their specified outfits all laid out, I planned to go into work a little late so I could witness this glorious event as requested, and I was fully prepared to take all the video I possibly could. Once again, as requested.

The flyer said the performance would be from 8-8:20 AM and I was to have the kids to school for rehearsal at 7:30.

The day finally rolls around and we were actually all on time. Total shocker, really.

I walked the kids into school, which was already filled with troll-sized people, we'll call them children, all lined up against the walls outside their classrooms ready to go in and start their day.

Sidenote: the elementary school smells alarmingly similar to a barnyard on a very hot day in late June. Make a note of it.

Once we managed to find the orchestra teacher, and it being after 8:00 by this point, I asked why the kids were still wandering around and nothing was happening.

"Oh, the time changed to 9:00, I sent the first flyer, then changed it and sent another one."

And by 8:00, I really mean 9:00


Seriously? I've received 47 emails from this same orchestra teacher about events in the past so why couldn't she just send an email? Where was this new flyer? CLIFFORD!!!

I had to leave. I wasn't able to stick around for another hour so I had to ask the kids to understand. They did, or so they said.

I don't understand why schools so strapped for cash have no problem killing thousands of trees for this stuff. Email me! Just do it. That's what people do now. We even have phones that can access email, just in case you missed that recent advancement in technology.

Why is the education system so far back in the dark ages? Time to catch up.

I know I'm speaking for just my kids' school and there are schools out there that are way more advanced, I just can't understand why a school that has new Apple laptops for every student in the 4th grade can't email to tell me when I need to send the kids in with a contribution to the 4th grade class picnic.

Instead I had Clifford tell me, on the morning of, that there was in fact a picnic and he was supposed to bring a bag of chips.

Sorry little man, the barnyard will have to remain chip free for today.

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