Friday, July 27, 2012

A note about airport fashion (and etiquette)

I'm not a regular traveler. Although I have traveled a lot in my lifetime, it's nothing compared to some of my friends who are on planes weekly for their jobs.

Having said this, I don't consider myself to be a professional. But I definitely consider myself to be a reasonable airport dresser.

This morning as I sat at the gate ready to hop a flight to Boston for my cousin's wedding, I couldn't help but notice all the girls dressed like they were going on a date, all decked out in dresses, heels, and full-coverage makeup. Me? Jeans, t-shirt, lil bit of mascara.

Why do these girls pull out all the stops to go to the airport? I don't like wearing heels when I should be all dressed up, let alone hobbling through the airport dragging all my crap like a teetering pack mule.

Maybe there are lots of available future ex-husbands on planes and I just never noticed.

Now on to the etiquette.

While I was sitting and judging all the heel-wearing ladies, I took notice of a younger guy sitting 3 seats to my left, leaving 2 seats between us. He was all busy listening to music on his iPad which he had strategically placed on the empty seat to his right.

A nice old couple walks through looking for a place to sit and the kid just stared at them like "what, my ipad needs a seat of its own...move along."

Why? Why must people feel they need to take up as much room as possible and force the little old couple to sit on the terminal floor while their iPad rests comfortably on the seat to the right? Jerks.

And of course as I'm balking at this, I glanced to my right and observed the girl 2 seats to my right making her purse all cozy in the empty set between us.

Be decent and put your crap on the floor!

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