Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snip snip SNIP!

He's at it again!! The crazed nail clipping guy across the floor is doing it again and all I can hear right now is SNIP!!


It's been exactly 7 days since my last post so this must be a weekly thing. And sadly the only way I will know who the perp is would be to follow the sound and confront him mid-snip. I'm a little afraid to do that. He could come after me with his little clippers, then where would I be?? They have those stabby nail file pointy things. There could be blood. No thanks.

I may have to do some recon and leave a nice, passive-aggressive note. Just like the ones you leave in the office refrigerator when someone eats your Lean Cuisine.

In other news, the womens' bathroom on this floor no longer smells like ferrets. Seems they've worked that out.

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