Monday, July 2, 2012

Well this is a first-- for me anyway

Ah, summer. It's hotter than hell and the weather is completely crazy. And I've never seen weather as crazy as Friday night's freak 'hurricane-like" debaucle.

With the kids off in Arkansas visiting their Dad, Richard and I have all this free time to do things like go to dinner, which we thought was a great plan for a Friday night. Since we live within walking distance to a nice collection of restaurants, we decided to hoof it....until we realized it was 102 degrees (really) so we called a cab.

Dinner was nice...we wandered about for a few hours and at about 10:30 or so, decided it was time to head home. Knowing we weren't really able to get a cab, we decided to walk.

That was a really great idea until we got about 5 minutes or so up the hill, the sky opened up, winds began to whip around (we found out later they were up to 91 miles per hour) and Richard looked at me and said "turn around and RUN!". I would have sworn it was a tornado, but apparently it was just some freak storm with winds so sudden and so strong that it was throwing trees into peoples' homes...and we were out in that.

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur, mostly because I could barely see a foot in front of me due to all the debris flying at me and all the dirt in my eyes. This is how I'm going out? I'm gonna be taken out by a flying tree limb? Auntie Em, it's a twister! No, I'm hauling ass to the nearest shelter...which turned out to be a condo building with a garage door that was stuck open.

Amen for that, but as soon as I turned the corner, my foot caught the curb, I rolled my ankle and basically FACEPLANTED into the concrete. Richard had to come back and get me. It was awful. There was screeching.

Once we were in the garage and away from whatever it was that was ripping trees out of the ground and throwing them around, I was able  to remove all the dirt from my face, and the leaves from my hair, and to survey the damage to my foot in the dim glow of the emergency lighting. Didn't look terrible, but it wasn't great.

We eventually made our way out into the rain when the winds had settled down and stumbled upon some friends who were able to get us home. Sheer luck.

Now we have no power and we've had no power since that night. I have really gnarley bruises, and it's hot. So hot that we've sought refuge at the mall (along with the rest of the powerless universe) and have stayed with incredibly generous friends THANK YOU PAT AND KRISTA!! and found a hotel that wasn't completely sold out....and now we have this....

RIP refrigerator will be missed


So now we wait. The power companies are saying it could be through next weekend before all power is restored in the area. At least I will no longer have rotting chicken stinking up the house. That was gross. And Richard and I are getting pretty good at living like nomads, that's a skill, right?

I can get a jump start on cleaning out the fridge since we still have to MOVE....better than taking a tree limb to the face.

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