Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I thought I was pretty smart

Apparently I'm just like all the other sheep who wander the aisles of Target thinking they're getting a great deal just by shopping at Target in the first place.

I have been proven wrong.

Today I came across this little nugget of info and I immediately wanted to go running back to the store to get the actual discount on every item I've ever purchased at Target...ever. Of course that will never happen and it was really just a very brief feeling that I had somehow been ripped off.

A little history....I suck at clipping coupons, I see something marked down and convince myself that there's NO WAY I'll ever get a better deal so I just buy the damn thing right then and there, convenience is the one thing that drives my purchasing habits. Sad but true.

I watch those extreme couponing ladies and besides thinking they look like complete nutbags for stockpiling their garages with 42 bottles of root beer that they got for 59 cents (like anyone needs that) I just don't have the patience to behave in that constantly coupon clipping way.

I know it could save me money, but the few times I've attempted to use coupons, one notable moment was at Target, the chick forgot to ring them in and couldn't figure out how to "un-ring" me to then credit me for my coups. The line was building, people were staring.


So alas I roll the dice and hope the discount price listed on the little label is a fair one.

But according to the article I found, I now have a secret weapon...I'll just ignore the fact that everyone else who read it knows too.

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