Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a work in progress, it may never be finished

Ugh..this house.

Since we've moved into the new house, there's crap everywhere. I can't find anything and the kitchen is hardly recognizable. We're still using plastic cutlery just so we don't have to run the dishwasher. And we still don't have plates because I donated the old dishes and haven't had a chance to pick out new ones. It's sad, really.

I don't even really know if everything made it over from the old house. I packed everything, I saw the movers move it all into the house, the old house was completely empty.
But just as socks are consumed by the dryer, things have disappeared. They might be in the house, but there's no guarantee. Parallel universe...likely explanation.

The kids are coming back in a couple weeks so this is my last chance to get my act together and get all those boxes unpacked and find new homes for all the things that need new homes (read: new closets). I don't know how I managed to donate TONS of stuff and throw even more stuff away and I still have crap everywhere.

It multiplied in the Gremlins.

Speaking of Gremlins, I had better get the kids' furniture together this weekend or there's a good chance they'll come home and be asked to sleep on the floor.

Could be good for them, but I'll do my best to avoid it.

Urban camping? Maybe. As long as they don't set the house on fire trying to make s'mores.

Sadly that's a real possibility.

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