Monday, August 27, 2012

They're coming back

It's been 9 weeks, but the kids are finally coming back. After a summer filled with fun and sun, skateboard parks and pools, and a very unfortunate encounter between Clifford's face and a diving board (he still has all his teeth)...they're coming back.

They would much rather extend their summer of good times indefinitely, but alas school starts in a week and they have to go. Against their will, of course.

I can't believe I will have 5th graders. They will be at the top of the elementary school food chain this year so let's hope they don't let all that status go to their shrimpy little noggins. There's no room in the new house for all that.

Speaking of the new house, it's almost ready for them. In a brief Skype conversation with the two of them last week, Clifford made the grand announcement that he wants the smaller of the two rooms available for himself because it sounded "cozy". Alexander was perfectly fine claiming the bigger room.

Furniture was finally assembled yesterday and Richard and I decided to make a loft out of Clifford's bed to make the room feel more special. I expect a little man cave will materialize in there somewhere. Hopefully the loft stays aloft.

In Alexander's room, he has the good fortune of having the giant leather chair and ottoman that wouldn't fit nicely in the living room. I'm certain that will be a subject of great debate once those two realize what they're each getting.

Let the royal rumble commence.

All in all it was a very nice, yet lightning fast summer. But back to reality we all go. Back to 6AM wake up calls and crabby kids. Back to lunch bags with smashed applesauce in the bottoms that I love to clean out. Back to tantrums about math homework....I imagine my posts will grow increasingly frequent and be filled with recounts of 10 year old shenanigans so stay tuned.

...a storm is coming.

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