Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another one to add to the "save for when he's an adult" file

Both of the boys have said some pretty "adult" things in the past, and sometimes those random moments end up memorialized on paper.

Like Clifford's rant about Alexander being a "video game nerd", which was actually submitted as a writing assignment, and Alexander's very impressive essay submitted as his official bid to become a safety patrol.

Well, I found another keeper....Alexander came home from school yesterday with several things in his backpack, which usually means he has more homework than he's willing to admit. Homework is the subject of great meltdowns in our house. Because homework sucks (according to the kids). But I digress.

He fessed up to the math and began to work on that while I rummaged through the rest of the stuff. I came across one of those old-school composite notebooks that they still use for writing and such and on the first page I found Alexander's very thoughtful explanation of what 'poetry' is.

It wasn't the very descriptive statements about what poetry can be, such as "talking about someone or something like what it's doing or describing its colors, its texture, what it's seeing and all that..."
And it wasn't so much how it started:

Okay, pretty straight forward

It was how it ended:

I don't know where this kid learned to wrap up paragraphs, but I like it

Of course it made me laugh almost to the point I gave myself away. He would have thought I was making fun of him when I actually found this very definitive ending to a well thought-out paragraph about poetry to be very creative.

So that's it...that's poetry. Just so there's no confusion.

At least he's clear.

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