Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chasin' crickets

Tis the season for those horrifying camel crickets. They make their way through the teeny cracks in the foundation and take up residence in the basement.

There, they wait in silence to scare the CRAP out of you by leaping in your direction when you inadvertently get too close. They're DISGUSTING. And they're all over the basement. YUCK.

I tell the kids, if you can catch them they must be flushed because I'm convinced once they get evicted, they just move back in when you're not looking only to be discovered when you're dragging a 47lb basket of dirty laundry down to the washing machine. Light goes on....HOP!


This morning was such a morning. Richard came up from the basement looking all wide eyed claiming that at least 5 scattered when he turned the light on. The kids immediately went down to try to catch them promising to flush, per my instructions. They were too quick (crickets, not the kids), and then they had to leave for the bus (kids, not the crickets) so all that was left was a bottle of indoor/outdoor bug killin' spray and as much determination as I could scrape together while still in my bathrobe.

I got the job done. And by the way, found a total of ONE cricket, not the 5 previously reported. They're probably doing what they do best- hiding in the sneaky spaces so they can leap out at me when I least expect it guaranteeing a mild stroke. I got one of you, though! Tell your friends.

I'll take crickets over spiders any day, but I would rather have the only creepy crawlies found in the house to be the kids.

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