Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday? What holiday?

Here we go again. This time of year is always a bit of a nightmare considering all the crap we have to cram in between Halloween and New Years. And everyone hates each other by the time it's all over.

Just like last year, we're insanely busy and everyone is all cranky and completely over it. And THIS year, it's like Halloween barely happened and Thanksgiving was just the day we drove all over the place to eat too much...and then stayed up til after midnight so we could go get the Macy's coffee table we've been stalking for months. (Damn thing wasn't on sale. Fascists.)

Enter the Christmas season. Not only have I not purchased a single gift for anyone other than myself (relax, I bought myself a new blender) but I have no clue what the kids want.

Two nights ago I asked both kids to get with it and write their letters to Santa. This was just after the Macy's red mailbox commercial came on, to which they replied "there's no way that mail goes to the North Pole, I'm sure it just sits in the post office".


I know my kids are almost 11, but Santa was the LAST mythical being they believed in so it would be a bummer if they decide not to now. They know the Tooth Fairy is just Mom trying to sneak a dollar under their pillows (busted) so I'm certain this is just another thing to question.

Alexander told me the other day he has "doubts about all this Santa stuff".

So back to the letters....Clifford managed to scratch one out right then and there, which I could barely read so I'm planning to ask him to rewrite it, I think it included a Pocket Bike, so....NO, and Alexander just asked for "a wonderful Christmas".

Where's your list of crap???

I hate this age. Too old to ask for Tonka trucks and believe a collection of garden gnomes put them together and had a fat man drop them under the tree...and too young to move out of my house, get jobs, and be happy with an unwrapped bottle of vodka.


And let's not forget their birthday is 3 days beforehand. At least I don't have to plan any elaborate parties this year, thanks to all those Cs.

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