Friday, November 2, 2012

Stolen grapes taste better

How do you turn a long weekend into a really long weekend? Throw a hurricane on it.

It was time once again for my pesky birthday. This year, however, I managed to win the title of "Megan's Plus 1" to her friend Neil's wedding in San Francisco.
Don't have to ask me twice.

So we were off. Off to spend 2 days in Napa and 2 days in San Francisco. Delightful.

We arrived without incident, snagged the rental car, and headed up to California wine country. It was beautiful. A tasting here, some cheese there, we stomped grapes, we got souvenir shirts, we took great pictures. Perfect weather, couldn't ask for a better time.

I even stole grapes to bring back for Richard because they tasted better than any other grape he's ever dragged me to Korean grocery stores to buy.

Two days later we were headed back down to San Francisco for the wedding. By the time we sat down to dinner I had a voicemail from United informing me the flight back was cancelled due to the crappy hurricane that was about to pound the East coast.

We knew it was coming. We'll deal with it tomorrow.

The next day, after wandering the city for a while, I waited on hold for about an hour and finally got us rebooked on another flight....3 days after the original one.

Well, looks like we're makin' this a longer trip. Whoopsie. Sorry, Work, you won't be seeing us in the office for a while.

Meanwhile, back at home, Richard was dangerously close to throwing himself in traffic because the kids were nuts, school was being cancelled, and I was about to miss their first Halloween since they were born.

But we still had those grapes on ice. I was proud of us.

Thankfully we could get a friends and family discount (thanks Kim!) at the airport Marriott, even though it meant Megan having to pretend to be Kim's mom. That's what it said on the form, it must be true.

Time to check into hotel number three.

We extended the time on the rental car an extra day so we could take a day trip south to see what's what and we found ourselves in Santa Cruz for an entire afternoon. It was there I decided sorry kids, but I'm just going to have to move here. It was gorgeous.

We stopped in Cupertino on the way back to thank Apple for forcing us to spend all our money on their stuff. Considered stopping at Facebook to give that Mark Zuckerberg a smack in the face because his mobile app sucks, but decided against it.

Instead we ditched the rental and spent our last day bumming around the airport Marriott watching hours of HGTV and hurricane coverage eating all the snacks we bought. Snacks for stranded people, they're the best kind.

We stopped posting pictures of awesome weather on Facebook because all our friends on the East coast dealing with the hurricane were getting pissed off. It was the least we could do after all the devastation the Northeast endured.
Thoughts and prayers to my peeps.

The stolen grapes were still all cozy in the hotel room fridge. And at that point it was my mission to get those things home still looking like grapes and not just a bag of mush.

The flight home was actually on time, which we considered a small miracle, but was leaving from the international terminal so it was highly likely we were going back to Washington by way of Shanghai. We were on a plane so we were happy.

Delays aside it was a great trip and getting stranded wasn't all that bad. Especially since it was in the SFO airport Marriott.

Now on to the kids' Halloween candy-induced diabetes.

Fun times and a great birthday!

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