Monday, January 28, 2013

Beware the four-wheeled dragon

Although it seems we JUST wrapped up the holidays, January's arrival meant that it was time once again for our sometimes annual trip to Florida to bounce from theme park to theme park with the kids and Richard's parents, without whom none of this fun family time would be possible (shout out Rich and Cathy!)

Welcome to Disney world! Where you can spot the absolute best (read: worst) fashion faux pas, and if you're not careful you'll get run down by someone on a motorized scooter.

Which begs the question...why the hell would you go to Disney if you can't (or won't) walk?

And look at this guy...


I give him props for taking it to the next level with that Donald Duck hat, but if you're THAT injured (as evidence by the contraption screwed into his leg) whyyyyy?  2 minutes after I took this picture he scooted off into the sunset.

I guess if you've already spent time and money planning such a trip with your family, and then you get injured, it makes sense. What I truly don't understand is the clientele that is not very mobile on a day to day basis and thought it was a fantastic idea to go to a theme park, where walking and walking....and walking..... is the way.

Okay fine, I'll back down from that and focus on those certain individuals who, once perched atop their rented scooters, feel the need to run all of us walkers down. I came close to losing an ankle when a woman on a rascal practically mowed me down while in line for one of the attractions. I was just standing there minding my own, fielding complaints from my impatient children....she even beeped.

Next up on the Disney trip recap....inappropriate outfits make theme parks a people-watching mecca.

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