Monday, February 11, 2013

I don't care, I'm comfortable

I was having lunch today with two good girlfriends and was told, in no uncertain terms, that a new rant was needed. So Instead of complaining about how people in theme parks don't understand how to stand in a single file line, I will instead share the details of the discussion we were having to which I believe most women can relate.

When relaxing in the evenings or on weekends, particularly in the cold winter months, I know I'm always trying to stay warm. The blanket on the couch has gotten considerably more use than my pull-up bar, but the goal is to not freeze to death so I know if I put on a little workout T-shirt I could easily get hypothermia which is no good for anybody, especially me.

This is where home fashion comes into play.

Everyone has their favorite article of comfy, guaranteed-not-to-freeze-to-death-if I-wear-this, clothing. Definitely hideous, certainly has at least one hole, always the wrong size, and no one cares what it looks like....except for the husband.

I enjoy my yoga pants...they're awesome for sitting on the couch drinking wine. Super comfy, but Richard says they make my butt look "weird". My friend Nadia has her over sized Navajo-print, old-lady, cookie sweater that her husband (and a few others) would like to see unceremoniously set ablaze and reduced to ashes. We all have that one thing, and it's always the guys who are bitching about it.

So let's talk about the guys for a minute...

If I can't wear my yoga pants (without butt ridicule) and Nadia can't wear her cookie sweater....then your pit-stained undershirts and your boxers that have managed to stretch themselves to a size not meant for a human need to never see the light of day. Don't forget the miss-matched socks that have 47 holes in them and the jeans you refuse to wash rendering them fully capable of walking to the 7-11 on their own.

I will admit there are very valid complaints on both sides of the house, but let Nadia have her sweater. It's warm, and could mean life or death and she won't share with you, judgy bystanders who shall remain nameless. So that means YOU could freeze to death, think about that for a minute.

And as our lunch conversation moved into when to wear your "A" team underwear (vs. all the other more questionable teams) it occurred to's not okay to stop trying.

So ladies, don't wait for a special occasion to wear the "A" team underwear, but it's still okay to be comfy.

And guys, if you still want to walk around with your hand in your pants (likely contending with the inhuman sized boxers) then we can have our cookie sweaters.
And we will wear them, because that shit is WARM.

Don't're one complaint away from hypothermia.

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