Friday, March 29, 2013

I didn't have enough challenges to call my own

I clearly didn't have enough going on in my already insane life, so we decided to throw a puppy on it.

Many weeks ago Richard and I decided to put a deposit down on a 1 week old baby french bulldog, one of a litter of five, and then proceeded to wait 7 very long weeks for him to be old enough to come home.

All the while attempting to keep this hidden from the kids so we could surprise them with the puppy they have been asking for for months only to be told "hell no" every time.

Enter "Puppy". The day finally arrived when he was 8 weeks old and able to come home. We drove the 2 hours to the breeder's home and proceeded to spend 2 more full hours contemplating exactly which puppy to choose. We had the choice of three that remained and it was almost a tougher decision for Richard than it was for him to buy his condo 5 years ago (worst decision ever) so he could barely be trusted anyway.

Eventually, we let our guts speak for us and we walked away with the one with the prettiest face.

And we're so glad we did. The kids were very surprised and are quickly learning how to pick up poop with those little waste bags you get from the pet store. At least they'll have some skills in the sanitation and waste management field if everything else goes south.

All our friends are completely sick of the seemingly endless Facebook and Instagram posts. But I don't care, because if that puppy is caught sleeping on his back looking like a rubber chicken I'm taking a damn picture and it will be shared!

He's turned out to be a very good little pup and although we all still can't agree what to name him, he's added a lot of fun to the house. That and the need to get up every 2-3 hours at night to take him out.

The exhaustion is worth it and I'm certain he'll end up being one of the better decisions we've made in a while.

After all, he's the most well-behaved creature in the house right now.

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