Sunday, March 10, 2013

I see you looking at me....

I love pedicures.

Of course I used to give myself pedicures on a regular basis and it was no big deal. But why do it yourself when you can pay someone to do it for you and then you don't have to hover over your own toes hoping you can see them well enough to not make it look like your kid did it for you?

So that brings me to my next observation....

While enjoying a well-deserved pedicure (the kind you run out of the house to escape your kids for) I didn't have a magazine to read so I spent my time taking in the sites around me.

Four pedi chairs on either side of the room, facing each other, filled with women with krunk toes that needed attention, and the hard-working pedicurists making them beautiful again with people buzzing about.

That's when I realized.....

There's always at least one chick in a pedicure chair, in a crowded salon, who can pull off the perfectly-executed bitch-face.

I've been accused of having bitch face (on occasion) and that's why I do my best to smile. And if I'm not smiling, I at least try not to look like I'm smelling something bad.

You know that look.

Well, all of the other ladies were minding their own, reading magazines or scrolling through their iPhones, and then I spotted the "one".

She sat in that chair getting her toes done and just eyeballed everyone in the room equally as if they were about to stab her and she had to be paying attention to avoid certain death.

I felt a little bad for her because I knew it was just the involuntary bitch face.

We've all seen that girl. Poor thing.

I'm probably her right now.

Although I'm watching Justin Timberlake on SNL right now and the only bitch face I have is for Jessica Biel.

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