Thursday, March 28, 2013

It was only ONE hour

....and it's taken us more than TWO weeks to recover.
Anyone on the planet who has school age kids will waste no time giving shout-outs in agreement that the annual "Spring Forward" Daylight Saving Time that comes around in March is the one thing that jacks up an otherwise stable household faster than a stomach bug gone astray.

But I never understood why.

We sprang forward, even went to bed a little earlier to stay on the same schedule, and the next day we awoke to a slightly darker morning where all that could be heard was the sweet sound of birds chirping in the trees...and kids screaming about how they couldn't possibly get out of bed to go to school.

But it was just an hour. Why did it hit them like they had spent the weekend doing keg stands and taking bets to see who could handle a kick to the nuts??

I was tired, yes. But I'm pretty sure that was a mental sign that I would have rather gnawed a finger off than go to work that cold morning. The kids on the other hand were comatose. And they stayed that way for days.

So here is my official plea to whomever controls Daylight Saving Time....if you're gonna take an hour from us every Spring, take the one between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on a crappy Tuesday. Everyone hates that hour anyway.

If not, then next year I plan to be living in Phoenix.

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