Friday, March 1, 2013

Naughty kids have to go to Costco

Rainy Saturdays suck. They suck because I can't shove the kids out the door to play outside and they suck because the kids get raging cases of cabin fever....we all suffer.

This past Saturday was one such rainy, sucky Saturday. And God help me, I had to go to Costco.

Sidenote: Both kids had weekend homework to do (always fun) and Alexander had managed to get most of his done so it was Clifford's turn.

Rainy Saturday + cranky Clifford + homework + needing to go to Costco = crappy day for all within a 30 mile radius of the house.

So since Alexander was all squared away and quietly reading is book, I decided to get Clifford started on his homework and head to Costco......enter epic meltdown.

Not sure what this was all about, but he lost his shit. Screaming and crying about how he didn't know how to do it (lie #1) and that he couldn't get through it without my help (lie #2) and there was no way I could leave this kid screeching like a howler monkey to go spend hundreds of dollars on Bagel Bites and Gogurt.

That's when shit got real.

"Fine, you're going with your pajamas"

What's up, short pants??

Richard literally picked him up off his chair, I grabbed his coat and shoes, and he carried him to the car and threw him in the back. Congrats, you get to go to Costco....on a Saturday.

Nothing says "socially crippling" like a trip to an obnoxiously crowded Costco on a cold, rainy Saturday in pajamas that are 3 sizes too small where you may or may not run into one of the girls from school (totally happened, her name was Natalie, she saw him).

Needless to say he was silent in the car and will hopefully learn from this little experience.

Moral: Don't throw fits on rainy Costco Saturdays or you'll have to wander around in your PJs and see girls you know.

The end.

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