Friday, April 26, 2013

Things found in the laundry: a story of confusion and general horror

Since the 'caterpillars in the washing machine' incident from kindergarten, my growing boys have become disgusting in other ways. Usually they come home covered in dirt and smelling like something died in their shoes, pretty standard for 11-year-olds.

And I'm used to finding dirt in their pockets when I do the laundry, along with candy wrappers, little notes from school, and the occasional crushed Cheez-It.

But today, things took a turn.

There I am sorting through the 72 pound basket of dirty clothes I managed to drag to the basement, which smells like mud of course, and as I'm emptying pockets making a pile of the usual wrappers, coins, and rock fragments, I pull out three slightly petrified edamame shells.


Sadly, I can't recall the last time we had edamame. Has it been that long since I've done the kids' laundry? And why the hell would the kid stuff spent edamame shells in his pocket???

This will require a follow up conversation about how it's inappropriate and not at all sanitary to store perishables in your pants.

But now I have another story to share with their girlfriends.

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  1. wait 'til they are 19...truly horrifying. and no, I don't do his laundry, but I did find some real treasures under the bed when he moved out...:) I put everything in a big black bag...dirty clothes, leftover food, empty and not-so-empty wrappers, 6 half-full and murky reusable water bottles, dirty paper plates (I Kept the dishes and silverware---so THAT's where they went!) REDBOX CDs (mmm, expensive rental), school supplies, and the third broken desk lamp)...tied it up and let it sit for 6 weeks until he came to visit. that should be a fun project for him!